13 Jul 2021

Businesses are shifting advertising away from more traditional means to social media. Through the use of social media applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, accountants can reach a greater number of potential clients, customers, partners, and so on while utilizing less money than traditional advertising methods. In addition, social media has become a great place for accountants to share ideas and generate guidance on issues they may not be familiar with in order to gain competency to work on the engagement. This program will address the use of social media in business. It will focus on tips and tricks to generate leads and help increase a firm’s online presence through social media. It will also discuss common ethical pitfalls involved with social media.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the different social media platforms that are available
  • Network using social media
  • Set up business profiles on social media platforms
  • Develop thought leadership on social media platforms
  • Identify ethical issues relating to social media
  • Interpret guidance on ethical use of social media
  • Create a social media policy
  • Measure investment in social media
  • Shift advertising budgets based on social media usage


  • Social media basics
  • Defining success using social media, including measurement impact strategies
  • The information an accountant needs to start shifting away from more expensive traditional advertising to social media
  • Using business networking platforms and community groups to enhance practitioner knowledge
  • Major ethical pitfalls associated with social media

Who Will Benefit

Anyone in business looking to enhance their social media presence.

4 Communications Credits