13 Jul 2021

Companies that have become victims of some type of fraud, whether it be financial reporting fraud or theft of assets, have proclaimed “We should have known!” Yes, in most cases the companies or employees at some level should have or did, in fact, know. The warning signs were there but not recognized. A common misconception is that the auditor or accountant will identify it. This fast-paced session will discuss some of the more common, unrecognized signs and how to identify them before the fraud occurs. Real case examples will be presented with suggestions to prevent or to detect the possibility of fraud occurring.


Participants will be able to:

  • Identify warning signs of fraud
  • Develop and perform appropriate testing procedures
  • Understand the number of ways fraud can occur in an EBP


  • Identifying the warning signs of fraud
  • Addressing the risk of fraud
  • Planning efficient and effective brainstorming sessions
  • Identifying party in interest transactions
  • Identifying plan operational deficiencies
  • Reporting on prohibited transactions
  • Case studies

Who Will Benefit

Industry accountants, external accountants, and auditors to learn how to recognize the warning signs of fraud, how to develop a fraud risk team, and reduce the risk of fraud. The sponsor or accountant of a plan who would like to learn more about exercising fiduciary responsibility when a fraud occurs. The auditor who would like to become more proficient in planning the brainstorming discussion for fraud by reviewing the commonly missed components required in the brainstorming session.

2 Accounting Credits

2 Auditing Credits