12 Jul 2021

The literature specific to nonprofit organizations continues to evolve and become more complex. Using the popular and fast-moving “Frequently Asked Questions” format, this course was compiled from questions asked of the author in their capacity as a technical reviewer and advisor to firms and nonprofit organizations. This course also provides an update on emerging governance issues.


Participants will be able to:

  • Address major accounting and disclosure issues
  • Understand the governance issues faced by nonprofits in today’s highly scrutinized and regulated environment
  • Address auditing issues that arise in audits under the Uniform Guidance


  • Complex accounting and disclosure issues and changes to nonprofit financial reporting
  • Governance issues including ways to enhance board oversight and cybersecurity risk
  • Frequently missed issues in single audits and not-for-profit financial statement audits
  • GAO’s Yellow Book
  • Single audit developments

Who Will Benefit

  • Practitioners working with nonprofits in public practice
  • Accountants working in nonprofit organizations who need to keep on top of current accounting and disclosure requirements

4 Accounting Credits

4 Auditing Credits