It can be real a challenge to identify and select accounting & auditing expert witnesses when preparing for a trial and providing expert witness testimony is an important step if you want to win your client’s case.  However, not just any accounting & auditing expert witness will do. Not only do you need someone who is technically competent, qualified and knowledgeable; it’s also important that he or she is able to communicate effectively and has both credibility and composure in depositions and on the witness stand.

Whether you need an expert witness who can speak to technical U.S. and International accounting & auditing issues, SEC reporting, AICPA Professional Standards, PCAOB Standards or more, count on Collemi Consulting to meet that need with an expert available to testify in understandable terms.

We’ll work with you to identify all possible issues and solutions to strengthen your client’s case.

Feel confident during trial, knowing we will provide you with articulate and professional expert testimony. We can explain things in a way that the judge and jury can easily understand.

To learn more about how our litigation support and expert witness services can provide the expertise and professionalism your case needs, contact us today.